Personal Services

I can’t figure out Office 365. Help!
To start thing off, you would want to list us as you “Partner of Record”. For information on how to do this, read this PDF.

Do I have to bring my computer in to you?
We offer In-Shop, On-Site, and even Remote-Support options to all of our clients.

What all do I need to bring when I bring my computer in for service?
When bringing your computer in for service, there are a few things to keep in mind. Everyone is encouraged to have a recent backup of their system prior bringing it in. If your system is a laptop, you should bring the power adapter with your system. Although it is rarely needed, it is also a good idea to bring in the software that came with your system, as sometimes we need to reload some of your software. We pride ourselves on having a vast collection of cables and adapters that we have over all of the years that we have been working in the high-tech industry. Things like power cords, video cables, etc. are items that we should have on hand. From time to time we do come across unusual items, and we will let you know if we need a cable with your system.

How long will I be without my computer?
In many cases, repairs are completed within the same day. We stock common service parts, and most others can be ordered in for next day delivery. Our state of the art facilities allow us to work on numerous machines at the same time. Certain proceedures do take some time, such as full system backups, and complete reloads of systems. We will keep you informed of your repair throughout the various stages of work. Rest assured that great efforts are taken to have repairs completed and returned to you as soon as possible.

What hours are you available?
Our business hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

How do I pay?
To make transactions easier, we accept Cash, Cheque, and Interac Email Transfers.

What makes Jim Corkery & Staff a better choice?
That’s easy. Read our testimonials. With an extensive history servicing the Northumberland and surrounding area, you wouldn’t last this long if you were dishonest, incompetent, or in-short don’t stand behind your work and your products.

Do you sell computers?
We are constantly searching through our supplier’s stock, and manufacturer’s latest offerings to bring you the best quality and some of the greatest deals in the area. quite often, we beat the prices that big box stores offer. Keep in mind that shopping local doesn’t mean spending more money!

Where are you located?
Our offices are located at 48 Crossley Dr., Port Hope, Ontario. See Contact Us for directions.

Can you pick up and deliver my system?
We do offer a pick-up and delivery service to help those who don’t drive, or simply can’t make it in to see us.

Do you fix Macs?
We do work on Apple products, however not all of our staff provide this service. We encourage you to call ahead. We will ensure that one of us who DO work on Apple’s are available.